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10 Business Trends You Need to Know, Part II
By Alli Echelman
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10 Business Trends You Need to Know, Part II

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re a trendsetter (like in a controversial Lady Gaga fashionista sort of way, minus the meat dress). And if you’ve read Part I, you know you’re not alone.

Read on for our highly anticipated Part II coverage of’s top 10 global consumer and business trends for 2015:

6. Expanded demos: People no longer fit into cookie-cutter demographics, so businesses will need to appeal to a larger variety of groups.

Clothing brand Uniqlo makes versatile, utilitarian clothing that is, as their tagline says, “Made For All.”

7. Self help: Products that motivate consumers to exercise more, eat better, and save money are increasingly popular.

To reward customers who are taking care of their health, Russian bank Alfa Bank has launched a program that transfers funds into a savings account for every step a customer takes.  

8. Show you care: Companies get major brownie points for offering discounts simply out of the goodness of their hearts, showing that they truly value their customers.

After losing the 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinal to Germany, Brazilian publisher Lote 42 provided a much-needed pat on the back by offering customers 70% off for 24 hours.

9. Artificial intelligence: Robots are becoming a more integral part of businesses, not only decreasing costs but increasing customer service.

Dusseldorf Airport recently launched a robotic parking valet system. It’s connected to the flight database, so customer’s cars are waiting for them when they land.

10. Take a stand: Consumers want brands to have an opinion and are more inclined to support a business that believes in issues they believe in.

In India, Pantene launched a campaign that started a conversation with customers about beauty products that don’t live up to their claims.

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