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4 Memoirs for Aspiring Fashion Powerhouses
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4 Memoirs for Aspiring Fashion Powerhouses

Want great advice about starting or growing your label in the rags business?

These fashionistas and -tos share wisdom that works for entrepreneurs across industries.

Learn from some of the best in the biz:

Mark Weber: Always In Fashion

In his upcoming book, the chairman and CEO of Donna Karan (and past CEO of LVMH) tracks his long career in the luxury fashion industry, highlighting the lessons he learned along the way. There are tips for entrepreneurs just starting out as well as for bigger businesses ready to compete on a global scale.

Diane von Furstenburg: The Woman I Wanted to Be

Any woman looking to break into the world of fashion should read this book. Wrap dress designer DVF covers everything from successful women in high-level business roles to raising a family as a working mother.

Grace Coddington: Grace: A Memoir

The Vogue legend writes about her incredible trajectory up the ranks from model to editorial icon, revealing quite a bit of dishy information along the way.

Barbara Hulanicki: From A to Biba: The Autobiography of Barbara Hulanicki

The only thing harder than being an entrepreneur in the fashion industry today is being one 50 years ago. Hulanicki shares invaluable advice from creating her Biba brand.

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