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The Secret to a Successful Cold Email
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The Secret to a Successful Cold Email

“Cold email.” Doesn’t the phrase send a shiver down your spine?

Most of us would rather spend the night at the North Pole wearing nothing by tighty-whiteys than send another blind email.

Extreme? Sure. Accurate? You bet your frozen butt. But here’s why you probably feel that way: you’re doing it wrong!

Below, two major tips that’ll have you warming up to the idea in no time.

1. Customize the content. In an age where “personalization” is key, sending a generic blast is like shooting yourself in the foot. Recipients want to feel like they’re the only one you’re emailing — so make them feel that way! Organize your prospects into groups and tailor your outreach accordingly. Imagine if a potential client or customer took the time to open your email, only to find that the topic isn’t even relevant to them. Highlight the one offering your company has that will appeal the most to group you’re targeting.

2. Make sure to answer the three Ws. Before you click send, ask yourself if the email answers who, why, and what. Who should be a brief 1-2 line introduction that explains who you are and what your background is; why illustrates the intent for your email and why the recipient should care; and what should clarify the action you’re hoping the recipient will take afterward.

No more chilly responses to your cold emails ever again. Feels good, right?

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