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Content 101 from a Company that Puts You to Sleep
By Alli Echelman
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Content 101 from a Company that Puts You to Sleep

Van Winkle's, the new digital publication dedicated to helping you get your snooze on, is not just a welcome alternative to counting sheep — it’s also an interesting case study in content marketing.

Mattress brand Casper created the mag as a separate wing of the biz, hoping to cement the connection between their company and a good night’s sleep.

Here are a few key things to take away from their unique approach.

Own the conversation.

Through Van Winkle’s, Casper hopes to become the authority on sleep. By starting the conversation, they are building a lifestyle and cultural awareness around the topic. Their hope is that Casper will be the first thing that comes to mind when consumers think about sleep.

Create editorial integrity.

The site is editorially independent — the Van Winkle’s team is run as a completely separate entity from the main brand and even has their own office within the Casper headquarters. The purpose of the publication isn’t to drive sales or direct traffic back to the Casper website, but to create compelling content that will interest not only their main customer base, but a larger audience.

Establish an A-list team.

The mag has assembled a team of skilled, respected writers to create their content. Doing this provides built-in respect and credibility that can be hard to come by if you aren’t a traditional publication.

Dare to go there.

Since the editorial team doesn’t have to answer to advertisers like a traditional publication, they have the freedom to discuss topics that are risqué or controversial. This grabs people’s attention and helps cement Casper’s role as an authority on the subject.

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