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Journalists Reveal: How to Get Your Pitch Noticed
By Diana Vilibert
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Journalists Reveal: How to Get Your Pitch Noticed

There are two types of people in the world: the deleters and the delete-ees.

In your inbox, you have all the power. But when sending a pitch email, you run the risk of getting sent straight to the trash file. Follow these tips to make sure your stuff doesn’t fall victim to the dreaded Delete button. 

Know your audience.

“Show that you know that your idea is a fit for not only the outlet, but that editor or writer's section, and you're in,” says Rachel Hofstetter, co-founder of PR School and former editor at O, The Oprah Magazine.

Get real.

“Don’t call your product “the first,” “the only,” “the oldest,” unless you are 100% certain you are right,” cautions Robert Haynes-Peterson, freelance writer and editor for and a variety of luxury lifestyle publications.

Be image-conscious.

“Receiving a 35MB, 300dpi TIFF for a web page is as frustrating as receiving a 55 kb thumbnail for a glossy magazine,” adds Haynes-Peterson. Meaning? Make sure your images are hi-res and gorgeous. And don’t neglect the details. “We get literally hundreds of images a day, and too many have file names like 'Pic 1.'”

Play it cool.

“It seems lately I will get a pitch and then a followup hours or just a day later,” says Janene Mascarella, beauty director of BELLA NYC. “Give it a few days or a week. Or two!”

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