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5 Ways to Master the Office Holiday Party
By Eden Univer
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5 Ways to Master the Office Holiday Party

Like it or not, your office is probably throwing a holiday party this year. 

Even worse, you’ll probably be invited to the eggnog-heavy bashes thrown by partners and clients. 

Whether you’re the type who can’t wait to organize the White Elephant gift exchange or a grinch who grumpily scarfs Christmas cookies alone at your desk, throwing a successful shindig and making the rounds at your colleagues’ parties can set you up for a very bright new year. Here’s how to do it:

Dress to Impress

Cocktail party attire is a safe bet unless there’s a specific dress code enforced (black tie, ugly Christmas sweater, or otherwise). Just make sure you’re not wearing anything that could get you in trouble with HR first thing Monday morning.

Mix and Mingle

It’s easy to cluster up with your buddies, but taking the time to hang with senior staffers or potential partners will get you noticed. 

Keep Cocktails to a Minimum

The open bar may be calling your name, but keep it to a two-drink maximum. There’s no greater fear than waking up the morning after unsure of what you said in your holiday speech.

Stick It Out

This isn’t the time to make a casual appearance. Put in the necessary hours to see and be seen by everyone who matters at your company.

Follow Up

Had a great conversation with a potential new client you were trying to impress? Turn that light chat into a cemented connection by sending an email on the next business day.

photo: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

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