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The Color That’ll Boost Productivity
By Alli Echelman
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The Color That’ll Boost Productivity

Not feeling productive? Blame your workspace! (It’s way less shame-inducing than blaming your addiction to Buzzfeed quizzes.)

It may sound like an excuse, but it’s true. Having the right setup can raise productivity by 20%. Try out these easy tips so you can get crackin’.

Purge and organize: Clutter is distracting and can be a major time suck. Do a large cleanse and only keep things you use on a daily basis on your desk. Assign “discard dates” to papers and files to prevent them from piling up. Keep ahead of your mess by dedicating 10 minutes a day to tidying up.

Fix the lighting. Try to work in a space that is bright and has as much natural light as possible. Consider using natural lightbulbs in lamps or getting a light therapy device.

Adjust the room temperature. You’ve been looking for an excuse to wear a Snuggie at work, anyway. People tend to be most productive when temperatures are warmer. Use a space heater, keep a sweater on your chair, or use your favorite blanket/shirt/sweater set combo.

Get inspired by color. Surround yourself with colors that inspire you. Blue has actually been shown to boost productivity levels, but you can pick any color that you like, paint one of your walls, or hang pictures with inspirational colors near your desk.

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