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What’s the Deal with Voice Search?
By Kara Cutruzzula
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What’s the Deal with Voice Search?

Hey Siri, why are so many people obsessed with talking to their phones?

That may be too nuanced a question for Siri to answer outright (she’ll probably just say what she found on the Internet), but we’ve got the answer.

A huge number of your customers are likely using voice search to find what they’re looking for online. In fact, one in five individuals typically use voice search instead of the traditional tapping-on-keyboard method. Google, Apple, and Amazon (aka the big guns) all employ voice search methods.

This means huge things for your business. Because people speak differently than they type, voice search changes what keywords are important.

Voice search results are shorter and to the point, so make sure your website reflects that. Be your own guinea pig and try out Google Voice when searching the web for your own site — or your competition. Try out new and different keywords and compare the results.

The rise of voice search also means you should use conversational language in your site content, and provide answers to questions people might verbally ask in FAQ pages and blog posts.

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