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Got This #1 Social Media Time-Saver?
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Got This #1 Social Media Time-Saver?

We’ve all been there: eating two bites of lunch between marathon conference calls, filling out payroll at stoplights on your way to a meeting, considering inventing a waterproof laptop so you can review spreadsheets in the shower.  

With all of your responsibilities, it’s OK to let your Facebook time slide, right? Sorry, not so fast.

Listen up: No matter what kind of business, blog, or freelance operation you run, or how long you’ve been at it — social media marketing matters.

We get it, you’re a business owner. So you want to see the cold, hard facts. In that case, let these numbers do the talking:

  • 78% of the U.S. population has at least one social networking profile
  • The number of worldwide social media users is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018
  • Consumers say that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television (but it’s a helluvalot cheaper)

So, not only are social media users already a huge chunk of the population, but with millennials at the forefront of the tech space (especially mobile tech) that population is growing super fast. Like, your 13-year-old cousin on Snapchat fast.  

Plus, we’re talking potential for massive ROI that’s entirely measurable through engagement (likes, shares, saves) and traffic driven back to your site for point of sale.

Good news: Social marketing is cheap while the payoffs are potentially tremendous. So set up your profiles, make ‘em pretty, and get ready to start engaging your audience with awesome posts. Totally easy, right?

But, wait...“Social Media Marketing is Like Juggling Cats!”

Yes. Maintaining multiple social platforms may seem impossible and extremely time-consuming. But that’s only if you’re doing it wrong. Endlessly copying and pasting? It’s got to stop. And don’t resign yourself to waiting for the muse to strike or grabbing your phone during a five-minute porcelain throne break. That’s no way to run a successful marketing campaign!  

What if you could manage all of your social accounts from one (toilet-less) place? Meaning that when you type up one post and click enter, it’s sent out through all of your business’ social channels at once.

Here’s one better — what if you could use the platform to schedule your posts in advance by a week, a month, a quarter?! Then you wouldn’t have to think about social marketing at all. Set, forget, and...FREEDOM!

Why Post Scheduling Automation Rules!

Shifting your social marketing into autopilot is a cost-effective way to free up hours while ensuring your marketing stays on track.

Of course, if the muse (that fickle frenemy) does strike or you feel like hopping on trending hashtags, by all means do so, but be confident in knowing that your consistent message is prepped in advance and on a set calendar. Pre-build your schedule with what you know you’ll need in advance...

  • Major sales events 
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Holiday shopping rushes
  • Daily messaging (morning inspiration, lunchtime bites)
  • TED talks, quotes, images

So where do you start?

Business On Tapp Recommends… (drumroll...)

For our audience the major players appear to be Hootsuite and Buffer, each grand in their own right, but our top social marketing solution and time saver is MySocialSuite, hands down. Here’s why:

  • 100% Automatic Social Media Marketing
  • Daily Feeds Feature Hot Content for Curation
  • Free Social Inbox — never miss a social message
  • Facebook Ad Manager & Analytics — manage paid campaigns
  • You get some of these features from the competition, but not ALL of them.

So give the free version a try. Of course, our exclusive Business On Tapp deal won’t last forever, so get in there and see if this works for you! And, hey, shoot us some feedback. We’re always listening.

But maybe don’t do it from the bathroom.

Try MySocialSuite for Free!

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Bhawani Sharma

6 months ago

Business On Tapp Team

8 months ago
@Ana Let us know how it goes! 

Ana Lucia Novak

8 months ago
I signed up this week. I didn't think I could find a replacement for Hootsuite. I'll keep you posted !

Souvik Sinha

10 months ago
Apart from this is best to hire someone to do social media marketing on behalf of you