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Try This E-commerce Marketing Solution
By Eden Univer
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Try This E-commerce Marketing Solution

If an online store offers a deal on the Internet and no one is around to shop it, does it make a sale?

Like trees in a deserted forest, your great online efforts could be falling on deaf ears. Even if adding a marketing team to your small business lineup is out of the question, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the word out about your store.

The e-commerce platform Ecwid has partnered with online marketing firm Kliken to not only host your online store, but promote the products you’re trying to sell. It’s quite literally a one-stop shop.

You select which products or categories you want to promote, and Kliken builds a marketing campaign around them (ad creative included) to get the word out.

Algorithms use SEO to calculate which search keywords most closely match your wares, and connect potential shoppers with your store. It’ll even pause ad campaigns on products that are out of stock and resume them once you’re stocked up again.

Unlike those falling trees, news of your next sale is coming in loud and clear.

For a limited time, get an exclusive Business On Tapp deal for 3 months of free Kliken fees on The Urchin marketing package.

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