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Is Texting the New Email Marketing?
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Is Texting the New Email Marketing?

Brace yourself for a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

TextaGrams, a small business marketing startup, might just be your new secret weapon. 

Despite what the name implies, it’s not a new platform for sending text messages to grandmas — Textagrams creates expertly designed, opt-in “visual text messages” for businesses to send to their customers, announcing sales, reminders, special events, and more.

The company argues that text marketing is more effective than email marketing — and they have a point. According to the TextaGrams site, “texting is the most frequently used and most popular form of smartphone communication.

When you consider how much more quickly — and consistently — you open a text message than an email, the statistics aren’t all that surprising: text message open rates are near 100%, and on average texts tend to get opened less than five minutes after receipt.

Fill in your name & number on the TextaGrams site.... or simply text Hello to (617) 431-2223 to get started.

Exciting news: Business On Tapp Members get an exclusive, free (woo hoo!) beta priorityTry out TextaGrams. 

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Orion Madman

a year ago
I think mobile email needs to be redeveloped to implementing a text platform.

Curt Raffi

a year ago
The auto response feature in TextaGrams is really cool. It can talk to your customers when you can't.


a year ago
Everyone is using Whatsapp , I thinks sms don't have future and is expensive.

Harry Kaye

a year ago
Yes with this!

Christopher Brian Fello

a year ago
This is cool. Btw check this out. It's working for me, i am building my email list fast!

Donna Ray

a year ago
Because sometimes, in the hustle & bustle of everyday life, even your clients or potential clients do not have time for phone calls!

Luis Matos

a year ago
Wow... Never thought about it... But now I will. Thanx for the info.

Evelynn Jones

a year ago
This is cool. Thanks for the trial! I love trying new platforms.