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4 Star Trek-Worthy Gadgets for Your StartUp
By Maggie Parker
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4 Star Trek-Worthy Gadgets for Your StartUp

Sure, someday drones might (a.k.a. definitely will) become sentient and defeat us in an epic technological war. But let’s just worry about that later.

For now, we’ll focus on the fact that the future is officially here. And it’s awesome. Check out these new Star Trek-worthy gadgets that will make running your business even easier.  

Zolt Laptop Charger: As an entrepreneur, you probably work from a variety of locations; your home, a neighborhood café, an airplane, and, if you're lucky, an office. Keep your laptop charged and your workflow, well, flowing no matter where you are with Zolt's new portable laptop charger. The smallest and lightest laptop charger in the world will never weigh you down.

Intel Compute Stick: This tiny device basically turns any screen into your computer. Intel's new compute stick is not much bigger than a flash drive but holds a quad-core Intel Atom processor and your choice of operating systems. It's basically your entire computer in the palm of your hands.

iFusion SmartStation: Clunky desk phones are obsolete, but add a classic and sleek touch to your office with the first iPhone docking station for businesses. Use the handset for private calls or simply dock your iPhone so that it charges while using the iFusion's speaker for conference calls. The system uses your phone’s network so there's no need to add an additional office line.

ZUtA Labs Portable Pocket Printer: Every office needs a printer, but your new digs can't really accommodate one of those huge machines made for the big businesses of yesteryear. The first ever "mini robotic printer" is startup-friendly; it's easy to use and fits... right in your pocket! Connect it to your computer or phone, hit print, place the pocket printer on a piece of paper and watch the magic happen.

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