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4 Ways to Wow Potential Investors
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4 Ways to Wow Potential Investors

Taking money from investors is like taking candy from a baby. If that baby was incredibly powerful, freakishly dedicated, and notoriously stingy. 

In order to have a fighting chance at the sweet stuff, try these tactics:

1. Start with a concise but detailed business model.

Investors like clear, easy-to-understand language. They also want to be sure that your business has the potential to make tons of money. It’s your job to prove that you know how to make it happen.

2. Explain what niche you are trying to fill.

Launching a new laptop? That market is already pretty saturated. But if your computer also cleans houses, exercises on your behalf, and cooks your meals (in other words, it solves a problem that affects many people), you just might have a chance. Show them. (Then show us!)

3. Show your growth potential.

Investors want businesses that are like American Idol winners: they’ve got mass appeal and are going to get more popular. Show how yours can tackle potential new revenue streams and markets.

4. Honestly present your margins.

Translation: Don’t lie. It may be tempting to pad your sales and profits to close a deal, but it’ll only hurt you in the long run. These people are on your team. To keep them there, work together openly and honestly.  

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Spiro Ioannidis

2 years ago
Being honest is more than best policy. It's your front line for approval. Most Angels look for the deception. It's their job to weed out failure.