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4 Apps That Will Make You a Better Boss
By Maggie Parker
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4 Apps That Will Make You a Better Boss

Yes, technically you are your employees’ superior. But that doesn’t automatically make you an all-powerful overlord. Or at least, not a good one. 

But with help from these four apps, you can at least become a more likable, approachable, and productive boss. 

Be the boss who makes everyone's lives easier (and their inboxes cleaner) by using Quip with your team. Quip is the first word processing app, and allows employees to create documents and spreadsheets, share and chat with colleagues, and make and view edits all in one place. Say goodbye to confusing attachments; Quip keeps things simple.

Be the boss who pays their employees on time with Gusto, an app that manages your company's finances. The AutoPilot feature will make sure your staff is paid on time in whichever format they prefer — check or direct deposit. They can also access their paystubs easily via the accounts section. Not to mention the app will lighten your load by automatically filing your taxes and reporting new hires to the government for you. A lighter load makes a happier boss, and a happier boss is a better boss.

Be the boss who makes scheduling a cinch by using When I Work. This employee scheduling software allows you to quickly create a schedule, fill shifts, and share it with your staff with the swipe of a finger. Employees will love it because they can note their availability in the app. They can also find out when they are working by simply sending a text (instead of asking you again).

Be the boss who cares about their staff with TINYpulse. This app allows employees to send feedback about their boss, the company, or anything else anonymously. The app creates surveys, sends it to the team, and then shares the results with you, allowing you to quickly fix problems without putting anyone on the spot.

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