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Might Be Time to Move to This Small Business City
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Might Be Time to Move to This Small Business City

Your inbox is filling up, your A/C costs are skyrocketing, the best characters on Game of Thrones keep dying: even though the summer is finally here, life’s not all sunshine and clear skies.

For bootstrapping entrepreneurs, the struggle can be *very real.*

And while it’s easy to let setbacks and obstacles knock you down, here’s some encouraging news: According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, business launches have, over the past few years, outpaced business closures.

Small victories, people!

Of course, certain cities see a higher volume of said launches than others. Newly released data from Small Business Trends reveals which metropolises came out on top (based on a 2013 Business Patterns survey — the most recent year the information was collected by the U.S. Census), and the industries that are flourishing in each.

1. New York City

Number of SMBs (aka Small Businesses): 98,944

Top Industries: Retail, tech, real estate, food service

2. Houston

Number of SMBs: 68,036

Top Industries: tech, hotel, social assistance, finance

3. Los Angeles

Number of SMBs: 62,036

Top Industries: tourism, retail, insurance, food services

4. Miami

Number of SMBs: 57,600

Top Industries: medical research, tourism, food, retail

5. Chicago

Number of SMBs: 57,152

Top Industries: tech, retail, food services, wholesale trade

6. Dallas

Number of SMBs: 34,851

Top Industries: construction, media, food manufacturing, sports

7. San Diego

Number of SMBs: 33,386

Top Industries: cybersecurity, maritime, tourism, construction

8. Atlanta

Number of SMBs: 32,024

Top Industries: retail, scientific services, health care, construction

9. San Francisco

Number of SMBs: 30,723

Top Industries: retail, tourism, tech, wineries/breweries

10. Las Vegas

Number of SMBs: 29,907

Top Industries: tourism, construction, transportation, retail

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