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And the Ideal Email Length Is...
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And the Ideal Email Length Is...

Grab your yoga pants, grande skinny vanilla latte, and The Notebook DVD — it’s time to become as basic as humanly possible. OK, wait, not that kind of basic.

Boomerang, a company that specializes in email productivity software, found that the most effective emails are those that “keep it basic.” The company’s study also drew a number of other unexpected conclusions — check out their findings below:

“Write like a 3rd Grader.”

Arguably the most surprising discovery, Boomerang found that emails written at a 3rd grade reading level earned a response rate of 53%, compared to emails written at a college level (39%). Which sends a very clear message: avoid complex language and keep it simple.

“Write with emotion.”

According to Boomerang, having an opinion — whether it’s slightly to moderately positive or negative — is better than having no opinion at all. “Neutral” emails received between 5-15% fewer responses than those that skewed positive or negative.

“Write short.”

It seems brevity is the key to success. But don’t be too brief. Emails that contained between 50-125 words yielded response rates of 50%. Those with 200 words? 48%. And 10 words? 36%.

“Use Short (Very Short) Subject Lines.”

Resist the urge to be overly wordy. Boomerang found that subject lines with between 3-4 words were most effective. And don’t even think about the “(no subject)” kiss of death. Only 15% of emails that lacked a subject line were responded to.

“Include 1-3 questions.”

It pays to ask! Emails that contained 1-3 questions were 50% more likely to earn a response compared to those that didn’t ask a single question.

There you have it. Chug that latte and get to work!

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