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How to Make Your Website Shine in 7 Quick Steps
By Krista Soriano
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How to Make Your Website Shine in 7 Quick Steps

Your website is the digital home of your business, often the first page prospective clients land on.

Time to audit your site to make sure you’re not committing any of these homepage #fails:

1. A clear call to action. If your users ask “what am I supposed to do here?” you’ve already lost their attention.

2. Simple navigation. Follow the KISS rule: keep your menus and top navigation simple! (Because the "KYMATNS rule" doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.) Don’t have too many choices to bewilder users.

3. Less is more. Your users are scanning your homepage for what they need, not cozying up with a cup of tea for a long read. Take a cue from Apple’s minimalist homepage.

4. Know your audience. Know who’s coming to your site and give them what they’re coming for up front, whether that’s news, your latest products, or a specific newsletter sign-up.

5. Be unique. Don’t break the cardinal rule of branding (and copyright infringement law). It’s important that your audience can tell the difference between you and your competitors.

6. Update often. Keep your site fresh with updates on the regular, and you’ll keep users coming back.

7. Check your ABCs. Spell check, spell check, spell check.

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2 months ago
Thanks for the 7 Tips.

Joe gross

6 months ago
Brian Khumalo for one the s in your https:// seems to be broken so cant see the rest or any of your site now say if u remove the s then your site goes to a is currently unavailable. also if you are looking for traffic to your site you might want to make a splash page and or banners or make a landing page without the s make account at and advertise it Long as its not a adult site and is clean for all ages its the real free- free traffic exchange infact they dont even take cash

Brian Khumalo

9 months ago
Given the article above could anyone with a spare few minutes let me know what top3-5 things could be better with this UI please:- There may be a token of gratitude for the best advice. Thanks.

Duke Stevenson

10 months ago
Where do I find the water droplet splash on your opening page

Trish Jordan

a year ago

Bunka MFG

2 years ago
Para tomarlo muy en cuenta. Buen artículo. Good advice.

Backwoods Kennel3612

2 years ago
I just seen where it said ipad iphone so does that mean that I can't use my android phone?


2 years ago
Great article with some very key points

Savina Francisco

2 years ago
The call to action is tough for me. I know what it is Amd I've got one on my homepage, but I'm not sure it's the RIGHT one...And is it okay to have TWO calls to action on my homepage (a shop bar at the bottom and a newsletter sign up pop up)? Right now I have the shop bar on my main page and the newsletter sign up pops up on every other page of my site...

Montana Ruark

2 years ago
Landing pages are key to driving conversions. Your home page should provide a easy path to each part of your website, but this is where most people attempt to convert people into taking immediate action. This is like a person in a store asking you to by the first thing that you lay your eyes on, before you get a chance to check out what you really want. Email me @montanaruark

Marcin Wrazidło

2 years ago
Now is very simple to build mobile friendly site. You don't have to build two version of site, one is enough.

Meloney Hall

2 years ago
Great guide! Mobile-friendly is the way to go and prove to your potential customers and clients that you are current with the tech side of your website.

Brian Smith

2 years ago
This comment has been deleted

Karim Bibars

2 years ago
Make your homepage attractive to have elements that are shared by most visitors' interests. Make your headlining articles/topics/images or whatever you have on your website solid in terms of length, quality and content.

Alan Dunn

2 years ago
I did affiliate marketing for many years ... The call to action is huge. How do you expect results if you dont even ask?

Melanie LoBue

2 years ago
Good advice!

michael kesselman

2 years ago
A mobile friendly template is also important to make sure the site is readable regardless of what size screen you audience is using. Look for "responsive" templates when choosing from a gallery.