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The Best Type of Music to Listen to at Work
By Alli Echelman
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The Best Type of Music to Listen to at Work

Trade in your Chopin for some Taylor Swift? Not in a million years, right? Work playlists are sacred, and not just because they drown out the sound of your chip-eating officemate.  

A study conducted by Mindlab International found that nine out of 10 workers perform better when they listen to music.

But more interestingly, they discovered that certain types of music can make you more productive, depending on the task at hand. Which means while listening to some T. Swift isn’t absolutely necessary, you should consider switching up your music routine to match your schedule. Check out these findings and adjust your Spotify accordingly:

Classical Music

Turn up the Mozart! If you’re working with numbers or doing something that requires attention to detail, classical music is your new best friend.

Pop Music

Got a blank space you need to fill fast? Switch on some Swift. (See what we did there?) Pop music is the best for getting stuff done quickly, so it’s great when you’re on a short deadline.

Ambient Music

Not just for elevators and hold lines anymore. Listening to ambient music can help improve accuracy when solving equations.

Dance Music

Show off your moves while getting it all done. Dance music creates the best results for accuracy and fast performance across all types of tasks.

What kind of music do you dig while working? Tap the comments!

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