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This Alarm Trains Users to Be Morning People
By Eden Univer
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This Alarm Trains Users to Be Morning People

People can condition their bodies to do almost anything: run a marathon, overcome deeply rooted fears, and, yes, even become a morning person.

FYI, night owls: We know what you’re thinking. And no, it doesn’t require alien-like body swapping or a lobotomy. Just the right alarm clock. 

The Shock Clock — don’t let the name freak you out — works along the same line of logic as Pavlov’s dogs.

Remember them? Pavlov would ring a bell before he fed his dogs, and soon the dogs would salivate just from hearing the bell, because they associated the sound with their meals.

The Shock Clock is a more modernized version (with way less dog slobber involved).

The piece of wearable tech is specifically designed to keep people from pressing the snooze button. First, it starts by gently vibrating to wake you up. If that doesn’t do the trick, it will beep loudly. Still no? Yeah, you’re getting shocked.

photo: satori13 / Getty Images

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Ryan Roberts

13 days ago
This product never shipped. Check the comments on their page