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Why Investors Care About Your Instagram Followers
By Maggie Parker
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Why Investors Care About Your Instagram Followers

It’s not enough to be a great singer, actor, and dancer these days.

Aspiring triple threats also have to be savvy social media users. Why? Because it gives their future employers free advertising access to an already interested fan base.

“The casting process has really shifted toward making those social media metrics relevant in casting,” says Mitch Gossett, senior vice president at Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty Talent Agency. “If you have two clients up for the same part and one has 6 million followers and one has 27, they’re going to give it to the one with 6 million followers because of the direct access to promotion that will cost them nothing.”

It may not sound relevant to your business (unless you’re hoping for a part-time gig on Empire), but the basic principle is the same for entrepreneurs hoping to win big with investors.

Before pitching your new business or product, you’ve got to focus on building an adoring and engaged social media following.

Why? It’ll prove to investors (and potential customers) that you already have an eager client base in place, and give them reassurance that your project has what it takes to succeed.  

And added bonus? It feels great to know that so many people love your stuff.

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