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Spirit Animals and Other Good Interview Questions
By Maggie Parker
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Spirit Animals and Other Good Interview Questions

Newsflash: Your interviewee’s greatest weakness is definitely not their “obsessive attention to detail” or their “compulsion to always be on time.” 

So why not skip the standard questions (or at least add to them) by throwing out something quirky to see how well they perform when caught off guard?

These questions could give you the right insight:

1. What is your spirit animal and why?

The spirit animal they choose will obviously be revealing, but the key here is to listen for the reason. It’s easy to pick a lion or an eagle, but someone who can back up an odder choice might have the creativity and knowledge you’re looking for. A sloth might seem like a strange choice, but if your candidate likes ‘em for their incredible focus and laid-back attitude, you might actually have a keeper.

2. If you could get could away with one crime, what would it be and why?

This question will not only help you eliminate the creeps, it will also show you how creative and daring the potential employee is.

3. What was the first tweet you ever sent?

Nowadays, it's common to ask interviewees what Twitter accounts they follow. Switch things up by focusing on their personal social media presence. If their answer is "I've never sent one," you should probably move on. In this day and age, everyone needs to be social media savvy, even if it's just because they’ve used Twitter for work purposes. It will also give you an idea of what they find funny and how they utilize social media.

4. Teach me how to do something.

It can be anything (or at least anything that’s SFW). This will help you find out if they are good at giving directions and explaining things, and if they have patience. Plus, you could actually learn something cool!

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