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Team-Building Activities That Are Actually Fun
By Eden Univer
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Team-Building Activities That Are Actually Fun

Ice breakers have a bad reputation — like, tuna salad sandwiches in a crowded office bad.

But bringing employees together, especially small staffs that have to work closely with one another, is very important for overall company morale.

So skip the trust falls, human knots, and all other activities that give the concept a bad name (basically anything that Michael Scott might do) and try something that’s actually fun.

Get out of the office! Nothing gets a team more excited than an opportunity to leave work early. An afternoon picnic, trip to a local park, or small celebration at a nearby restaurant gives employees the chance to connect in a different environment.

Volunteer. Working together for a common goal (and a great cause!) brings people together. Choose a charity your employees would likely support — or, better yet, have them vote on where they’d like to volunteer — and spend an afternoon working together in a whole new way.

Start a team. A sports team, that is. Getting physical helps employees blow off steam in a controlled environment and brings them closer together for a common goal.

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