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This Major Google Change Will Affect Your Site
By Lindsay Silberman
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This Major Google Change Will Affect Your Site

In the immortal (and prophetic) words of Humpty Hump and Digital Underground: Stop what you’re doing, ‘cause we’re about to ruin the image and the style that you’re used to.

No really. This is big. And it just happened.

Test your site's mobile-friendliness RIGHT NOW.

Not long ago Google announced that as of April 21, “we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.” That’s a major change.

But what does that mean exactly?

It means that preferential ranking treatment is now given to sites that are “optimized” for mobile. It also means that having a mobile-friendly website will no longer be a nice option to give your customers—it’ll be absolutely essential.

The good news is it’s pretty easy to see if your site makes the grade. Check out Google Developers' Mobile-Friendly Test, enter your site’s URL, and after a quick analysis, you’ll see where you stand. While you're at it, get graded now on your site's mobile and desktop speed

Google will also show you a screenshot of what their system interprets your site to look like on a smartphone. (You can and should test several pages — not just your homepage.) If Google deems that your site isn’t compatible for mobile, they’ll give you a list of ways to fix the issues and improve its standing.

So stop what you’re doing, check out whether your site is “Google Approved.” If not, immediately change up your image. And your style.

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2 months ago
Mobile Friendliness very important -- Important Information. Thanks...

Rav Singh

a year ago
Without doubt! Mobile responsiveness is the norm. Just remember that more and more potential clients use such devices, and not having a site that renders on mobile devices = loss of potential customers.

Suresh Dharmaratna

a year ago
This is very important information. Thank you.

Praveen Thomas

a year ago
It seems good

Cassey Ong

a year ago
I like to learn more...

Pranav Dave

2 years ago
This is an absolute important information for not only the Bjg Giants but for the all the solo enterpreneurs and freelancers. But now the question is, just like the Google simulator, which doesnt behave exactly like mobile devices to test responsiveness, and hence it is not 100% accurate, similarly i doubt for this Change as well, how will it be justified??

Ilan Katz

2 years ago
Good information

Diane Caube

2 years ago

Montana Ruark

2 years ago
This is an effort to make the visitors user experience much more efficient. Your site should be mobile friendly for more reasons than just Google saying that you will not show up in the SERPS. People don't want to figure out how to use something to get immediate information, they just want an answer. If you need help email me

yomayra ramos

2 years ago
Very effective. Thank you!

Business On Tapp Team

2 years ago
Leon, you are most welcome! ...and yes Google is a tough grader!

Leon Jones

2 years ago
Thanks a lot for this info

Don Morse

2 years ago
I'm not convinced this test is 100% accurate. One of our sites is a responsive design site, and using a tablet or phone has the site come up with the proper mobile display. Customers have remarked how well the site works on their mobile devices. However, this test shows as mobile unfriendly. I wonder if the test is sending the correct codes to trigger the mobile version.


2 years ago
Or you can let google test your "mobile friendliness" @

Gerald Lopez

2 years ago
Here is a very general rule of thumb: if your website is more than five years old it is probably NOT mobile friendly. Get an overhaul!

Franklin Whitaker

2 years ago
This was very interesting, looks like I have some changes to make. Thank you

Alex Casteleiro

2 years ago
Great and important information and because of this is having a fire sale with a 40% for new clients that want to update their website to a responsive website so their position doesn't get penalized by Google when the new algorithm kicks in on April 21st.

Hassan Reda

2 years ago
This is why I love Tap, straight to the point and no bloat! Thank you.

Ashish Pruthi

2 years ago
This Is helpful. Thanks.

Isiah F

2 years ago
Thanks for the heads up!

Rafiq Khanani

2 years ago
Fascinating! Are you ready to adopt the IT SuperSonic Highway?

D'Angelo “D'Lo” Curtis

2 years ago
I'm glad I spotted this. Thank you for the information.

Savina Francisco

2 years ago
Great info & links!