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What's the most effective part of your morning routine?
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What's the most effective part of your morning routine?





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Satya Kumar

3 months ago
It's not about how much we earn but it's important to stay healthy and fit so guys stay fit have a healthy long business.

Marko Spasojevic

6 months ago
Cup of espresso to go,motivational music, good car and going to work via highway works like charm for me

Steve S

2 years ago
Coffee is the first thing that pops in my head and brains cells don't start firing in unison till this happens! Lol!

Cindy Abrahams

2 years ago
My cup of hot water and lemon followed by a brisk walk with my dogs and husband. This helps me energize and get in a laugh before I hit the office at 6:30 a.m.

Garth Mortensen

2 years ago
I answer no routine because my thing wasn't listed. Being religious I read my scriptures either to the end of a chapter or for 5 minutes, which ever comes first.

Todd Russenholt (Being FreeLife)

2 years ago
I think coffe is over rated for over stimulating the body it's food that people are forgetting about..In the morning we are sensitive to the body and mind. Morning routine is grt to have in order for a healthier life.

Bill Buenbrazo

2 years ago
Coffee is good too... *smile*

Chris Mason

2 years ago
I drink one cup in the morning and do my work out in the afternoon to pick me up.