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TappU: Are You Ready to Get Schooled?

Grab your backpack and #2 pencils. You've been accepted to business school!

Welcome to... Business On Tapp University. Update your app now to get in the game.

Here at TappU (that's what the cool kids call it), an expert education doesn't require awkward group projects and excruciating finals.

So, no stressful all-nighters or piles of capstone course homework. Instead, you'll get straight-up, fun entrepreneurial learning β€” the kind that will help you grow your business right now.

We're always dreaming up ways to make Business On Tapp better for you, and we hear you ask time and time again: How do I get started; how do I grow my business? Well, here's a solution; a way for you and your team to get answers and learn-on-the-go.

The best part? It won't take four years of boring lectures. TappU lessons (about 2-4 minutes long) start off with the basics, and get more challenging as you progress.

Get valuable info delivered in a flash on a break, during a commute, or on line at the coffee shop. Oh, and toss the highlighter and Trapper Keeper. It's 2016, and you’re going to swipe/tap/click your way to greater knowledge.

When you've successfully completed a lesson, you'll be awarded a shiny new badge right on your Tapp Business Card. Share it! Show it off to your friends and professional contacts. Heck, print out a screenshot and proudly hang it next to your other important awards and diplomas.

Ready to get your nerd on? You can start with any of these right now:

How to Grow My Business Lesson 1: Boost Net Profit

Cash Flow Lesson 1: Stay on the Plus Side

WordPress Lesson 1: What's WordPress? 

Going Mobile Lesson1: Mobilegeddon--Truth, Fiction & Why Care

What? How?

    • Update to the latest version of Business On Tapp from Google Play or the App Store
    • Have the latest app version? Goto to the top nav and hit TappU. 
    • Start your first course. 
    • Win a badge! Badge awards show up on the back of your Tapp Business Card.
    • Show off the newfound brilliance you've learned, share it with your team, & grow your biz! 

Check this space weekly for more and additional courses from TappU.


photo: flickr Creative Commons

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Business On Tapp Team

a year ago
Justin, what's your question? How can we help?

Justin McCracken

a year ago

Rick Willey

a year ago
I would be, if I could figure out how to use this App. I tap on a lesson, get to the intro and it won't let me go to the next page! ???

Joshua Mshanga

a year ago

Business On Tapp Team

a year ago
@Tiffany, sorry to heart you're having trouble with Cash Flow Lesson 3. All looks good on our end, but send us an email at with the make and model of your device so we can take a closer look. In the meantime, try upgrading to the latest app version.

Tiffany Nunes

a year ago
I can't answer the questions in the 3rd Cash Flow course. It won't let me click, slide, hard press or anything. What am I doing wrong?

Roger Jones

2 years ago

Business On Tapp Team

2 years ago
Samuel, visit the App Store or Google Play to update to the most recent version of Business On Tapp. Then take the cash flow course, win a badge, share you business card, live the dream. 😜

Samuel Oluwadamilare

2 years ago
I can't update my card through the link provided. It says link failed.

Steve S

2 years ago
I'm ready!

Christina House

2 years ago
Yeah i guess so ...

Business On Tapp Team

2 years ago
Hey Alex, We're really glad to hear you dig the Cash Flow course! Get schooled! Any additional course topic recommendations? Let us know. We're listening. And thank YOU for your thoughtful comment. PS: Sweet pic on your Tapp business card! 😜

Alex Escalante

2 years ago
Just came across this app and had to check it out . Within my first few taps and reading got me excited to know more, so i thank you for that. Im looking forward to be Schooled once again. Im always up for a challenge to learn something new.